Canvas framing projects deserve and demand
somewhat different treatment that flat-paper art or
As most oil or acrylic paintings on canvass need to be
stretched using wooden strainer frames which varies
from 1 in to more than 2 in thick, the area inside the
frame has to be deeper, presenting an extra challenge
for mounting and attaching the art to the frame.
Choosing interior materials becomes more important
Fine picture framing, custom frames and mirrors
Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia
We are not just  picture framers about putting beautiful things in
beautiful frames.   It's about the art of presenting art beautifully.
About framing paintings on canvas

Art gallery   . Picture framing
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Framing and hanging a picture may be simple for
most picture framers but at Vincent art gallery,  
we take every job as a challenge.                                  
Choosing the matching colours and materials  for
your artworks such as  frames, matting, filets,
clear or non reflective glass etc are important  
but  there are also many options to decide such as
conservation and hanging systems.                  We
will give you free professional consultation and
our best advice to make  your framed pictures
look great and as well as lasting.
A good-looking frame is a necessity; but a frame that outdoes the beauty of a picture is
considered overdone. Most art connoisseurs will agree on one point – the framework
should compliment the painting, merging into it, but not stand out.
Dear friends and customers,
Our gallery and framing shop is temporary closed for upgrading works.
We will let you know o
nce we open again.  Thanks