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Our Italian made sophisticated high-speed
computer-controlled mat cutter is more precise
than most regular manual mat cutters, and its
ability to cut unique-shaped mats has provided
unlimited creative possibilities.
With the latest picture framing technology and
materials, we hope to be able to impress, and
satisfy our clients’ needs.
tips for hanging your painting...
Avoid hanging on damp walls.
Avoid hanging below air condition units.
Avoid hanging close to shelves, furniture or where
people can knock it.
Avoid hanging behind doors, or in busy corridors
where the painting can get knocked.
Picture lights attached to or near to the top of a
painting can get hot and lead to localised heating. It
is best to take advice on lighting.
Bear in mind that paintings will build up dirt more
quickly in dusty rooms  or where people smoke.
Think about the security of your painting, and take
the following steps to ensure that it is hung safely.
Hanging fitments should be fixed to the sides of the
frame, not the top. Choose a thick and solid part of
the frame. Make sure screws are secure but do not
push them through the front.
Use good quality picture wire or medium gauge
fishing line, run it double and trim off extra lengths.
A collage of framed pictures of different
styles , shapes  designed and hung up by us
at a customer's home  in Kuala Lumpur.
Other services

~ Special mat/border designs
available using our Italian
computerised cutter.
~ Frame Restoration
~ Portraits or any painting on
oil or charcoal can be painted
by our artists.
~ Laminating and Vacuum
Mounting of prints and photos
~ Photo and Art Restoration
~ Free quotation and
consultation for art / mirrors
on site. Just give us a call.
kuala lumpur art hanging
framing kuala lumpur
creative works such as this sign painted using oil on
you can commission our regular artists to do canvass.
(artist: Baharuddin)
Our computerised  matboard / border cutting  
Our  picture hanging specialist in
Only suitable screws and brackets were
used for all our pictures or  mirrors
hanging jobs.
Vincent Frames
Dear friends and customers,
Our gallery and framing shop is temporary closed for upgrading works.
We will let you know
once we open again.  Thanks